Rifleman's Team Challenge

Introducing the Rifleman's Team Challenge, a 2 person team event consisting of 6 matches. The goal of this series is to promote participation throughout the region. The 2016 season is a pilot for this program with an anticipation of expanding to a larger forum in the future. Additionally, several of the listed matches are scheduled to filmed as part of Season 2 of Long Range Reality on the Sportsman Channel. Each of the matches selected has something different to offer, from complexity of terrain, range elevation, to unpredictable weather. Shooters are guaranteed to be challenged, as well as rewarded with knowledge gained from the variety of stages and match formats offered.

Each Shooter must register individually and input your partners name when required.

This event is entirely for sport and has no affiliation with any other organizations or programs. Match Directors will do their best to accommodate WSTC registered teams but are not obligated to offer slots if the match is full. IT IS THE TEAM’S RESPONSIBILTY TO REGISTER IN TIME FOR EACH MATCH!! Rules and entry requirements are subject to individual match requirements. 

Match directors have discretion over format of the matches (i.e. Primary/Secondary shooter, long rifle and carbine format, etc.)

Challenge Rules:

Update: With 6 (possibly a 7th) match added, all teams are required to compete in at least 1 match in a different State. Teams are required to compete in 3 of the 6 matches, with one of those being held in Montana. If a team fails to compete in at least 3 matches, they will not qualify for awards or prize table items at the end of the Challenge.

Series standings will be determined by the cumulative score of a team’s 3 best scores. See Scoring below for more details.

Any changes to the rules of the Challenge will require concurrence of 3 of the 6 match directors.
Match directors will do their best to accommodate slots for RTC participants but they are not guaranteed so register when MDs begin their registration process.
If any team or team member is disqualified from any match for cheating, gaming, or otherwise acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, the team will be disqualified from the RTC. Period.

The entire sum of the registration fees less administrative expenses (taxes, etc.) will used for trophies, prizes, T-shirts, etc. There is no profit being made from this event as it is being done for the enjoyment of the sport as well as to pilot for upcoming developments.
If a team fails to compete in a match they registered for, that match will not count towards the 3 of 5 Rule. 
If a partner on one of the teams must drop from the RTC, the remaining team member may select a replacement partner without paying additional fees. The “new” team must complete the 3 of the 5 match requirement together.


Scoring will be based on the highest placing RTC team at each match. The highest scoring RTC team will be awarded 200 points and in successive order, a minus-10 pt score. If there are more than 20 teams at any one match, only the top 20 will be awarded points based on standings.

10 points will be awarded for each of the matches attended for maximum of 60 cumulative points for the Challenge.
Series standings will be determined by the cumulative score of a team’s 3 best match scores. That being said, if a team shoots in all 6 matches, their worst 3 scores will not count, or if a team places 1st in more than 3 of the matches, the lowest or last remaining match scores will not count (they will still be awarded their points based on match standings but those points will not apply towards the overall standings). Again, attendance points will be earned for every match shot in.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st-3rd placing teams in the overall Challenge. The remaining funds will be used to buy prizes for as many places as possible.